Incentives for Water, Heat & Appliances

Domestic Appliances
Heating Appliances
Water Heating Systems
Water Saving Systems

Domestic Appliances

Refrigerator, freezers, dishwashers, clothes washers and ventless clothes dryers

Incentive offer:

  • Incentive limit is $100 in hydro communities.
  • Incentive limit is $300 in non-hydro communities.

Eligibility criteria: ENERGY STAR® rated appliances only. Look for the ENERGY STAR label on your appliance. Compact refrigerators/freezers less than 7.75 cubic feet are not eligible.

Other applicable incentive offers: We will give you $50 for your old, energy inefficient fridge. Check out our refrigerator retirement incentive.

Apply: 2017-2018 Domestic Appliance Application Form.

Heating Appliances

Wood, oil and propane fuelled appliances as well as air source heat pumps

Incentive offer:

  • Incentive limit is per appliance. See table below for details.

Eligibility criteria:

Fuel Heating Criteria Amount
Wood Furnance / boiler - pellet or cordwood

Wood boilers must be EPA-listed (2015 NSPS).

Woodstove must be EPA-listed (2015 NSPS) or CSA B415.10 (as amended in 2010).

Stove - pellet $600
Stove - cordwood $300
Oil and propane Furnance or boiler ≥ 95% AFUE and ENERGY STAR®. $500
Combination system Must be condensing and CSA P.9 tested.
Electric Heat pump - air source ENERGY STAR® or 8.2 HSPF or better. $1500
Heat pump - ground or water source ENERGY STAR®.


Helpful tools for purchasing heating appliances: 

  • Not sure which heating appliance to choose from? We have a handy calculator that compares different heating systems for your home and calculates energy use and costs! 
  • Heating system upgrades could be eligible for a loan through Yukon Housing Corporation’s Home Repair Program
Apply: 2017-2018 Heating Systems Rebate Application Form.

Water Heating Systems

Solar domestic hot water heating systems and drain water heat recovery systems.

A solar domestic hot water heating system uses energy from the sun to heat your home's water. It is essentially a water heater.

A drain water heat recovery system recovers thermal energy from drain water (e.g. shower water) and pre-heats cold water entering your home's water heater.

Incentive offer:

  • Solar domestic hot water heating system: 20% of the costs to a maximum of $1,200.
  • Drain water heat recovery system: $150.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Solar domestic hot water heating systems must be CSA approved and on this list.
  • Drain water heat recovery systems must be CSA approved and found on this Natural Resources Canada webpage.


Apply: 2017-2018 Solar Domestic Hot Water System Rebate Application Form.
Apply: 2017-2018 Drain Water Heat Recovery System Application Form.

Water Saving Systems

Water saving toilets.

Incentive offer:

  • $65 per unit.

Eligibility criteria: EPA WaterSense® certified. Look for the certification on the toilet.


Apply: 2017-2018 Water Saving Toilets Application Form.