Energy Assessment

Learn how to save money on your home's utility bills!

An energy assessment is an analysis of your home’s energy efficiency. A certified energy advisor conducts and completes the assessment of your home and provides a final report.

The energy assessment can guide you on which home improvements or renovations can reduce your energy and water consumption, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately, save you money on your utility bills. 

Incentive offer: 

Eligibility criteria:

The home energy assessment must be completed by a Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisor (see list below).

Application process: 

Contact a Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisor and schedule an energy assessment for your home. Once the energy assessment is completed, you can apply for this rebate.

Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisors in Yukon:

Mitt Stehelin

Joel Luet

Cody Coffin

Application process:

  1. Complete and sign either:
  2. Attach required documentation:
    • Itemized receipt / invoice with zero balance owing.
  3. Submit rebate package to Energy Solutions Centre

Other applicable incentive offers: Completing an energy assessment on your home can also help you benefit from other energy incentive programs. We offer incentives for home energy renovations or for building a new super-insulated home.