Energy Assessment

Energy advisor service visits

Homeowners must complete a new construction upgrade service or a renovation upgrade service with an energy advisor to qualify for a new home or insulation rebate. These services must be completed prior to building a new home or renovating an existing home. Energy Branch has partnered with local energy advisors to offer these assessments at a substantially reduced cost.  Typical assessments will cost:

There may be additional costs for non-standard assessments or assessments that require substantial travel.


Schedule a visit with an energy advisor

You must complete an energy assessment with a certified energy advisor to qualify for the new home rebate or the existing home insulation rebate. The individuals listed below are certified energy advisors registered to provide residential energy assessments in Yukon. They are independent contractors. Contact an advisor to schedule a service visit.


Energy advisors

Joel Luet

Mitt Stehelin


New construction upgrade service

The new construction upgrade service is the first step in qualifying for the $10,000 new home rebate. The energy advisor will review your building plans and identify pathways to achieve the 50% thermal energy target. These pathways may involve actions such as increasing levels of insulation, optimizing window type and placement and/or recovering heat from drain water. The 50% thermal energy target is a challenging target to achieve and will result in substantial energy cost savings as compared to a home built to the base National Building Code standard.


Once the build is complete, you must schedule a return visit for final labelling. Labelling is mandatory in the City of Whitehorse. There is no label rebate for new homes.


Renovation upgrade service

A renovation upgrade service is the first step in qualifying for the insulation rebate. The energy advisor will perform a blower door test to determine air leakage in the home. They will walk through the home with you to identify air leakage areas and discuss your renovation plans. They will explain to you the types of renovations that will qualify for the insulation rebate. They will create an energy model of your home and provide you with a renovation upgrade report that summarizes their findings and prioritizes the renovations based on modelled energy savings.


You must schedule a return visit with the advisor to confirm renovations were completed. The advisor will provide you with a CEA insulation upgrade report that you can submit as part of the insulation rebate package.