Quick Start Home Energy Kits

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Our Quick Start Home Energy Kit includes easy-to-use products to conserve water, electricity and heat. By taking advantage of all of the energy-saving tools included in the Quick Start Home Energy Kit, you can start saving money and energy today.

And here is the best part: the kit is free!

List of products in the kit:

  1. Window film
  2. LED bulb
  3. Water savings showerhead
  4. Faucet aerator
  5. Fridge/freezer thermometer
  6. Shower timer
  7. Hot water gauge
  8. LED night light
  9. Teflon tape for plumbing installation
  10. Weather stripping

How to get a kit:

If you live in Whitehorse, come by the Energy Solutions Centre (206A Lowe St. - first floor) to pick up your free kit.

If you live outside of Whitehorse, please contact us and we can mail you the kit.