Super-Insulated New Homes

New super-insulated homes can qualify for up to $10,000.

New home rebate

Builders or homeowners building new homes that use 50% less thermal energy than National Building Code (2015) specifications are eligible for a $10,000 rebate.


To qualify for a new home rebate

You must complete a plan assessment by an energy advisor to qualify for the new home rebate. This involves contacting a certified energy advisor and scheduling a plan construction upgrade service to identify ways to meet the 50% thermal energy target. You must schedule a return visit with the advisor to confirm that the final build meets the target. The advisor will provide you with a thermal energy report to submit with your new home rebate package and an energy label for your home.


Energy advisor service

  1. Complete a plan construction upgrade service with a certified energy advisor.
  2. Build home.
  3. Complete the basic service and receive an energy label and thermal target report from the advisor.


New home rebate


50% thermal energy target

The 50% thermal energy target requires that the planned home use half as much energy for the heating and hot water loads as compared to the same home built to the current building code. This is a challenging goal but achievable goal. Ways to reduce thermal loads include:


What will it cost?

The cost to achieve the 50% thermal energy target are incremental and in most cases will be offset by the energy cost savings of the home over time. Incremental costs may include:

Incremental costs will be unique to each home. We recommend getting multiple quotes and following this guide to hiring a contractor for the construction of a new home.


What will I save?

You can estimate the savings of a home built to the 50% thermal energy target over a home built to code by comparing the projected capital cost of the project (contractor quotes) to the estimated annual energy savings (plan construction upgrade report) over time (how long you expect to live in your home). High performance homes tend to be more comfortable, quieter and have an increased longevity when compared to older homes. Contact us by phone or email to arrange a time to discuss these calculations in person at the Energy Solutions Centre.