Super-Insulated New Homes

New super-insulated homes rated at EnerGuide 85 or greater qualify for up to $10,000.

This program is effective from January 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017.

Incentive offer: $10,000.

Eligibility criteria: EnerGuide Rating for New Homes of 85 or greater.

Prior to building, you must arrange to have an energy assessment of the building plans completed by a Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisor.

The certified energy advisor will provide energy modelling for the new building plans (recommended) and for the final build (required for EnerGuide new home label).

Getting energy modelling done prior to building is highly recommended. It provides an estimate of the EnerGuide rating for the new homes in advance. You can work with the certified energy advisor on modifying the plans as necessary to increase the chances of achieving the target rating of 85 or greater.

Be aware that not all residential or multi-residential configurations are eligible due to the Natural Resources Canada housing classifications. Single detached (with or without a living suite) and certain types of multi-residential dwellings are eligible for the super-insulated new home incentive.

Confirm whether your building plans are eligible in advance, contact a Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisor or contact us.

To be eligible for this incentive, the occupancy permit must be issued on or after January 1, 2015.

You may apply for this super-insulated new home incentive once per household per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Application process:

You contact a Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisor to schedule an energy assessment of the building plans.

Once the new home is built, you must schedule a second assessment to determine the final EnerGuide Rating for New Homes.

Once the EnerGuide rating label is received, you complete and submit the application form.

The following must be provided with the application form to get the incentive:

Other applicable incentive offers: We will reimburse you $100 for each energy assessment completed on your home. See our energy assessment incentive.

We also offer separate incentives for installing a heat recovery ventilator and upgrading to ENERGY STAR® windows and doors.